Club Fees & License Fees


Parys Multisport is founded on the principle and benefit of joining a single professional sports club that will cater for and give you access and support to participate in multiple sport disciplines on various levels. Join Parys Multisport today to participate in a variety of recognised and affiliated sport disciplines that Parys Multisport has to offer.


Parys Multisport offers a variety of membership options . Whether you want to join for the social and health benefits, become a supporter that inspire and encourage other athletes, get involved with your local sport community, or looking for a professional platform to take your sport to the next level, Parys Multisport is the club for you.


Parys Multisport offers all the administrative support, knowledge and information required by athletes who want to take their sport to the next level. If you are planning to participate in many events throughout the year, or if you want to qualify for the provincial and national teams, we are at your disposal to show you the way.

Parys Multisport Club Fees

Did you know:

Parys Multisport is a listed club option with Championchip, Park Run, and Cycle Events. As a member of Parys Multisport you can proudly update your existing athlete profiles and new event registrations to reflect Parys Multisport as your club.

2019 Affiliation license fees

Athletics Free State (AFS)

Parys Multisport is affiliated under Athletics Free State (ASA / AFS).

  • 2019 License: R150.00.
  • 2019 Coach: R30.00 (must have a valid license).
  • 2019 Technical official: R30.00 (must have a valid license).
  • Please contact the club for assistance with license applications
  • Road Running
  • Trail Running
  • Track and Field

A few things you should know…

  • rThe club membership fees provided on this page are valid until 31 December 2020.
  • Club memberships are valid from 01 January to 31 December of each year. Club membership is calculated pro-rata and will be billed from date of inception to 31 December.
  • Club membership does not include the licensing or day-license fees that may apply as determined by the governing bodies and provincial unions for the various sport disciplines.
  • Club membership does not include equipment, travel, accommodation or any costs incurred to participate in the various sport activities, unless specifically indicated otherwise (honorary members and sponsored athletes)
  • All club membership applications are subject to approval by the executive committee of Parys Multisport and the Constitution of Parys Multisport.
  • If an athlete transfers from another club it will be required to provide a letter of good standing issued by the club transferring from. Athletes who can’t provide a letter of good standing, or athletes who are suspended will not be eligible for club membership.

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