In April 2018 Parys Multisport Club applied for affiliation with the Free State Union (AFS) of Athletics South Africa (ASA) in order to provide our running community with the necessary service and support to participate in ASA sanctioned events, workshops, training and courses.

On 25 August 2018 the board of Athletics Free State informed us that the application for Parys Multisport Club was approved  to operate under probation from 01 January 2019 for the period leading up to the 2019 AGM of AFS. Parys Multisport Club will therefore retain probational club status for 2019 (12 months) after which the club status will be reviewed and considered for full club status.

Under probational club status Parys Multisport Club is allowed to buy licenses for club members, participate in club colours as approved by AFS, affiliate coaches and technical officials under the club’s name, and organise and present athletics activities as approved and reflected on the 2019 AFS Activity list.

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