On 16 May 2018 Parys Multisport paid visit to the Free State and Northwest branch of Epilepsy South Africa to finalise discussions on how Parys Multisport will be able to contribute towards Epilepsy SA through its multiple-sport products, services and club contributions.

Gary Westwood (Left) and Pierre Fourie (Right)

Gary Westwood, Director of Epilepsy SA Freestate & Northwest Branch with Pierre Fourie, C.E.O. of Parys Multisport.

“The main objective of Parys Multisport is to expand and grow a health-conscious community and have a positive impact on the socioeconomic growth of our community”, said Mr Pierre Fourie, C.E.O. of Parys Multisport. “Epilepsy SA is proactive in their involvement and upliftment of our community and we identified key areas where Epilepsy SA can be recognised as a beneficiary of Parys Multisport.”

Mr. Gary Westwood, Director of Epilepsy SA Free State and Northwest Branch, accepted and recognise Epilepsy SA to be the official charity supported by Parys Multisport. “It is an honour to be an appointed beneficiary of Parys Multisport and to be included in projects where our Epilepsy SA community can be integrated into society with meaningful projects.”

Parys Multisport was founded in April 2018 and opened for business on 14 May 2018, offering a brand new multi-sport service with a “one-club-multiple-sports” concept. Look out for selected products and membership applications on the Parys Multisport website that will benefit Epilepsy SA. Epilesy SA will also be represented at events organised by Parys Multisport and we invite our community and members to support them in their constant quest to provide developmental services and promote equal opportunities for people with Epilepsy and other disabilities.

Epilepsy SA Free State and Northwest Branch:
52 Boom Street, Parys
Tel: 056-811 5959
E-Mail: freestate@epilepsy.org.za
Webiste: www.epilepsysafreestate.org.za

Parys Multisport (Pty) Ltd:
32 Bredell Street, Parys
Tel: 056-817 1465
E-Mail: info@parysmultisport.co.za
Website: www.parysmultisport.co.za



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