PMC Sport Activities

What is a multi-sport club?

Traditionally an athlete would have to join and become a member of a club for each sport that the athlete wants to participate in. The multi-sport club is a trending concept that presents the opportunity for an athlete to join a single club and then participate in the various sport activities and disciplines included in the club’s portfolio of available sports.

Who can join PMC?

Parys Multisport Club is constantly working on introducing organised and recognised sport (SASCOC) activities to its portfolio, serving the greater sport community of Ngwathe in the northern part of the Fezile Dabi District Municipality (Parys, Vredefort, Koppies, Heilbron, Edenville).

PMC membership is open to any athlete who wants to participate in, or become involved in the activities and operations of  PMC, regardless of race, gender, social status or level of fitness.

From social to club…

Sport clubs are most often the result of a group of people who share a common interest for a specific sport and then begin to practice together. As the interest and skill within the group develop and grow, so will the need to start participating on a more competitive level. Even in a group that started with a common interest there will come a time when the members within that group will develop different needs, requirements and expectations. This is the point where your group of practice buddies went from a social group to a club. The future success of the club depends on the ability, availability and resources of those team members that are dedicated to cater for the needs of their members.

If you are interested in starting a club for a specific sport, or if you belong to a group of people who want to step things up from social to a club, please contact us today. We will take care of all administration, support and official requirements associated with running a professional club so that you may continue doing what you really want to do… sport.

PMC Sport Activities

Road Running / Walking

Road running / walking is usually classified as long distance events, but also accounts for the majority of athletes looking to join a club and becoming part of the comradery associated with road running. Whether you are looking to improve you overall fitness, training for your next big race, or simply want to enjoy the social benefits of belonging to a club, then this is the perfect sport activity for you.

All PMC members are welcome to participate in the road running / walking club activities. Full members and Junior members may also apply for the ASA licenses at the club office.

Affiliated with Athletics South Africa

Cross Country / Trail Running

Parys and its surrounding area offers a wealth of trails,  fields, hills, water crossings and adventure associated with this form of long-distance running. Cross country / trail running offers distinct characteristics that contribute to overall fitness, with the added benefit of experiencing mother nature up close and visiting places that would naturally be inaccessible to other modes of transport.

All PMC members are welcome to participate in cross country running club activities. Full members and Junior members may also apply for the ASA licenses at the club office.

Affiliated with Athletics South Africa

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